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Structural Quality Assessment for New construction

Structural Quality Assessment for New Construction

Applicable for all new construction projects, SQA reduces the risk of structural failure with an advanced warning system. With regular NDT tests, the strength of concrete is assessed in situ. This is compared with strength and NDT results of cubes tested at regular intervals. This correlation of data is used to grade the structural member. Suitable repair method is specified by consultants using jacketing, grouting etc. for weak members. Demolition may also be specified for specific members. Structural designers are now assured of in situ concrete quality. Owners are assured of good quality concrete, which extends the life of the structure and reduces future repair costs.

Industrial Plant Assessment

Relying on a very detailed visual inspection to focus on structural distress caused by ageing, alterations, modifications and additional loading, this is a key service provided for industrial plants. A detailed testing for concrete and steel is used to investigate further. A comprehensive report is submitted that highlights the defects, to the structural consultant assessment.

Industrial Plants Assessment

Structural Drawing

Preparation of as Built Drawings

In many cases, structural drawings are not available. Aaryan prepares structural drawings based on current condition of the structure. This accounts for corrosion of steel and the deterioration in concrete quality due to ageing. Preparation of structural drawings is a necessary step for carrying out design calculations. Structural drawings of ll structural elements including footings and all RCC members is done in this stage.

Detailed Condition Survey of Structures

Usually taken as the first investigative step for structural and stability assessment, this detailed condition survey report contains a in depth visual inspection, loading of the structure, footing information from excavation, NDT tests. The exact scope of this assignment is decided with the client.



Post Structural Repair Evaluation with NDT Tests

Applicable for any structure undergoing structural repairs, NDT Tests are conducted post completion of structural repairs. The results are then compared with results of material tests and pre-repair NDT tests. It is now possible to gauge the effective execution of structural repairs.


Assessment of Fire Damaged Structures

Applicable for any fire damaged structure and more so when the fire has raged for more than a few hours, this assessment gives a comprehensive status. Damage to concrete could affect the stability of the structure. With sophisticated tests conducted with our associates like DTA etc. an accurate assessment of fire damaged structure can be done. This information is then shared with the structural designers appointed by clients.