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  Specific details like name of client, site location with-held. General information is provided to demonstrate capability of ASPL team.
Fire Damaged Godown
Assessment of 5000 Sq meters Fire Damaged Godown.

A large fire destroyed a cold storage facility of around 5000 Sq meters overnight. Even after a month of the accident, temperatures in certain parts of the structure were on the higher side, making testing and inspection a challenge. Operating in adverse environment, the detailed assessment report was submitted to the consultants to decide which areas of the building were to be demolished and which could be retained post repairs. This helped the client in claiming proper insurance and getting the facility up and running again.

NDT testing on a 50 year old jetty in Africa

A 50 old year marine jetty in Africa was tested using NDT tests. Extensive UPV and mapping was done to ascertain the reinforcement. This data was provided to a leading European consultants for further analysis. Special marine instruments were used by divers appointed by the client to assess the thickness of underwater steel elements. Detailed photographic report and comparison to standard steel sections was used to determine the reduction in thickness since construction.

NDT Tseting

Foundation Testing

10m X 3m Foundation Testing for Sugar Mill in Africa

A large foundation of approximately 3m X 10 m for a sugar mill in the crushing plant was tested. The results were given to the structural designer to assess the suitability of mounting the new gear box. Filling of existing mounting holes and drilling of new mounting holes for the European gear box was required by the client. A techno commercially feasible solution was given by the structural Designer to make the expansion plans of the plant a reality.

45 meter high Chimney Assessment in Chattisgarh

Due to a collapse of a Power Plant chimney, the local administration ordered a detailed testing and certification of other chimneys. The chimney tested was around 45 meters high. ASPL completed the assignment and submitted a report which was subsequently vetted by an independent institute.

Chimney Assessment

Reinforcement Mapping

Reinforcement mapping on 2 km long river bridge in East India

Extensive reinforcement mapping of slab panels and beams was carried out under a 2 Km Long river bridge in East India. Overcoming challenges of site access and complying to safety norms, this assignment was completed to the satisfaction of the structural designer.

45 meter high multiple Silo testing in East India

A group of 40 meter high silos was tested for Cores, Rebound Hammer and UPV. Braving strong winds and the onset of rains, without compromising safety norms, ASPL team worked round the clock to get this assignment completed. This data was used to ascertain the quality of concrete for the structures by the RCC consultants.

Silo Testing

Buidling Assessment

5000 Sq meter Marine Heritage building condition assessment and remedial measures.

Built on an island, this structure was lying unused for a decades. In line with plans to restore the structure and make it operations in near future, detailed as built architectural and structural drawings were prepared. Based on the projected use, certain areas were recommended for repairs, new addition and removal.

Extensive reinforcement mapping for 500 elements for MNC FMCG Plant.

Working on an assignment that required extensive reinforcement mapping over around 500 structural elements, the team worked round the clock, overcoming issues of site accessibility, machinery placement etc. Specific locations were changed in consultation with the designer as they were not feasible to running ducts, cables and trays. This data was used by the structural consultants for retrofitting the structure.

Reinforcement Mapping Test

Structural Assessment

Structural assessment for Steel Mfg Plant in North India covering more than 30 structures.

A large steel manufacturing plant for a leading corporate was audited as per compliance standards. Detailed inspection of gantry cranes was carried out along with other structural elements as a part of the audit by structual engineers. Overcoming the challenges of working at heights above 15 meters and scheduling work to match the shutdown of the furnace, steel and concrete tests were performed. A detailed report was submitted with defects observed and its remedial measures was submitted to the client by the structural designers.

Structural assessment or Cement plant in North India covering more than 20 structures.

A large operational cement plant was assessed in north India. Primarily built for clinker processing, the plant consists of a number of silos, conveyor belts, crushing mill etc. Most of the structures were covered in the audit. Proper judgment was used to distribute test points in discussion with consultants and clients. Completing in the assignment in less than a month, ASPl team was awarded repeat testing assignments from the same client.

Structural Assessment of Cement Plant

NDT Test Of Flyover

NDT Testing on 6 Km Long City Bypass Flyover for cracks in piers.

The quality team at the commissioning stage noticed large leveling cracking problems in piers. The cause of cracks and its remedial measures was specified to the executing agency. Extensive testing, progressive measurement of cracks, temperature records etc was correlated in this project. ASPL overcame challenges of working at heights, harsh summer environment while following all safety norms.

Post repair testing for Structural repairs for FMCG MNC Plant

A year long project covering a large manufacturing plant was taken up. The project covers the exterior of the plant with some select areas of interiors. Clients business priorities were factored in the planning process. the result was timely completion of the project to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Structural repairs

Structural Quality Assessment

Structural Quality Assessment for newly constructed industrial plant in South India.

Regular testing was carried out at a newly constructed industrial plant in South India. The results for higher grade concrete were not complying to the strength gain projected by mix design. various investigations were done at different locations in the plant. Correlation was established between NDT results and cube results. Recommendations of restoration of strength were given with the root cause analysis.

Testing on large Fire water reservoir in a petrochemical plant for appearance of large scale cracks.

A large reservoir in north India was tested when surface and deep cracks were observed in the structure. Data for temperature, curing, cube result and testing was correlated to arrive at the cause of the problem and its recommended solution.

water Resrvoir Testing